GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Most Accurate Updates On Your Assets Through Qatar's Best Tracking Device

Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management

Accessible across multiple platforms, mac, pc, tablet, mobile at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.

The most flexible customer focused approach with multiple hardware options for all applications and tailored contract terms. Crowd Central Technology, vehicle tracking offers a complete real time view of your fleet status and vehicle locations. Cloud based tracking software allows effective and efficient fleet management via any smart phone or desktop computer.


1. Real time vehicle tracking
2. Speed alerts and notification via email/SMS
3. Fuel usage
4. Vehicle maintenance
5. Geofencing
6. Different types of reports.
7. Device makes a record STOP after 1hours passes while vehicle ignition is off.
8. Device detected the ignition ON and charge by vehicle power within 3 seconds.
9. Recorded data will be sent to the server within 3 seconds.

As regards to in – house software, we have real time tracking mobile app using GPS with a corresponding admin dashboard. With regards to personal tracking, we have partnered with Teltonika for a personal tracker which is soon to be launched.It is an AUTONOMOUS personal tracker with GNSS,GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.


Set multiple digital fences (personal safe zones) that will alert you as soon as a tracker enters or exits a particular area.Add personal schedules to activate and monitor specific areas at specific times.


Set individual schedules for safezone alerts that reflect your routines.You can customize each safe zone to send notifications on certain days and/or hours.​

Fuel Sensor

Our fuel sensor gives 90 percent accuracy, Fuel theft issues have been a major issue in many companies. Our fuel sensors help keep a check on the fuel consumption, avoid thefts, give driver’s driving action, help in the statistical decision, etc

Augmented Reality

Quickly locate your loved ones using the camera in your smartphone. Scan the phone around you,when you are pointing in the right direction,an indicator will appear showing the location and distance to your tracker.​

Accident Detection

If Crash Detection is enabled, it monitors acceleration on each axis which helps to detect an accident. Threshold and Duration values are set depending on the impact magnitude that is required to be detected.

Real-time live tracking

See the current location of your Vehicle through tracking System in real time .

Proximity fence

Set up a digital fence that moves with you and receive an immediate alert if the tracker goes outside the border.

Speed Alerts

Set speed limits for the tracker and receive an instant alert if the device exceeds them


Partnership With Teltonika

Crowd Central Technology has partnered with Teltonika to provide its clientele with the best GPS-enabled vehicle tracking experience. It will provide the client with real-time tracking experience, geo fencing, scheduling, speed alerts, augmented reality, etc. This partnership will enable efficient and smooth running of businesses. The cloud enabled tracking experience provides a comprehensive tracking report to clients. This partnership is meant to strategically enrich the client experience by leveraging on CCT’s capabilities in IT, software development and Teltonika’s expertise in IoT systems. Teltonika is a renowned player present across the globe developing IoT-enabled products and technologies exporting to over 150 countries worldwide.